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The Netherlands

DevOps engineers & Full stack Software Engineers

Our Client

Our client is the market leader in strengthening the sustainability of buildings and homes. They accomplish this goal by instructing as many companies as possible on how to improve the energy efficiency and carbon footprint of their buildings, as well as their positive impact on human health. Through their digital tools and consulting, they have had a big impact on the energy transition of more than 100,000 workplaces. They are active in seven countries and currently further expanding their software and services internationally. Among their clients are AMC, ING Bank, Van Gogh Museum, ABN AMRO, Nuon, SNS Bank, and Rijksvastgoedbedrijf.

This company, which began as a consultancy, has turned its successful expertise with more than 30,000 buildings into accessible online tools. Anyone can now increase the sustainability of their own buildings with their own suppliers, contractors, and banks. As a result, the entire construction sector is now able to become more sustainable itself. Our client has grown from a scale of greening 2,000 buildings per year to over 400,000 buildings per year.

Job Description

For the further development of this company we are looking for responsible mid-level and senior developers who can invent/co-invent, develop, implement and manage solutions, but also lead international teams for larger software projects. Because of their growth, there is a scalability and architecture issue for which they need your help.

We can use reinforcements for this work:

  • Modernising existing software
  • AI & image recognition
  • Developing new applications

Our client’s development model is solution and user experience-driven. Self-managed teams assign maximum responsibility and freedom to team members, resulting in optimal impact and entrepreneurship for technical and business team members.


At this company you will be part of a challenging transformation within a highly innovative environment. You make a crucial contribution to this transformation by contributing both technical skills and ideas to future developments. You are well-suited for both the technical aspect and a responsible role because you excel in:
  • Independence and responsibility:
    • Cool projects for major clients
    • Fun co-workers in self-managing teams
    • Room for entrepreneurship and technical innovation
    • Space for experiments, pilot projects and applied research
  • Responsibility for the design, creation, implementation and management of applications for the online side of increasing the sustainability of buildings and organisations:
    • Design and definition of new functionalities
    • Controlling and independently implementing the environment
    • Implementation of changes and application expansion
    • Consultant and client support
    • Ownership of work. You are involved in every step of the development process

The colleague we are looking for has experience with:

  • Scrum
  • Web application development and management
  • Java/Kotlin
  • Angular

Technology used:

  • HTML5, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap
  • Typescript/Angular(2+)/Single Page Applications
  • Database (MySQL)
  • Git

Company Culture

Our client’s working environment is driven, collegial, result-oriented and informal. They are big fans of flexible working. Attention to personal development is an important part of your growth and one that our client wants to encourage. They want to work with the best people. Team members chart their own growth path and can participate financially in the company. The company’s partners are in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the United States, Australia, and soon many more countries that will become part of your working area.


The Netherlands



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