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Most businesses are seeking to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on themselves and on their wider communities (including staff, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders), and most are looking to shore up their cash position by cutting costs, redirecting resources and taking advantage of the support mechanisms put in place by the government where they can.

Downsizing in a time where the content of the jobs are going through a paradigm shift often requires an outside, objective perspective. Many factors have to be contemplated and time is of the essence: definition of jobcontent, accountablility structures for employees working at home with clear objectives and KPI's becomes more important. Often it implies tough decisions that where a spezialised agency can be of great help. Pride can help with the definition and restructuring with your company during and post Covid19. Streamlining processes, curtting costs and finding the perfect teammembers and  leaders aswell as implementening effective accountabilitystructures during these challenging times is where we can add value where it is most needed. 

We can do a Needs Assessment without costs so the objective will be clearly defined from the start of the process. 

We would love to discuss your needs and possibilities with you. Do not hesitate to contact us. We deliver. No cure no pay.

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