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Cost Effectiveness

Pride executive search pricing

Search firm pricing is a top concern of executive search buyers. Whenever employers have an important board or senior-level opening to fill, it is reasonable to ask, “What does an executive search cost?” We take pride in being a truly multinational boutique player with low overhead and concierge-client service approach. Direct and effective. Additionally we have a leading position among global European firms when it comes to diversity hiring.

Going out to search or do it yourself?

The first question a company needs to answer is whether it wants to hand off the executive search to a search firm or whether it wants to manage the engagement in-house. Companies usually opt for search firms when an executive search is important enough to warrant the cost of an executive search. Additionally, in-house teams simply may not have the time or expertise to do the search themselves.

For businesses that have to go “out to search”, there are three traditional search business models we offer: retained search, contingency search and fixed fee per hire.

Retained search model

With the retaining model the focus will be on getting companies the best talent available for the job. The typical target is top-performing senior-level executives. Candidates must be more than qualified. As a result, within this model we typically recruit passive candidates — those who are not actively looking for their next job.

The model implies, setting search strategy, researching ideal candidates, vetting those contenders, positioning offers, and closing the candidate. In other words, a lot of manpower is involved. Our fee starts from $6.000 per month depending on complexity and number of potential hires.

Contingency Search Model

With the Contingency search our firm is only paid when we make a placement. That means you will pay if we are successful, which you want us to be. No cure no bill. You will not be charged until a suitable candidate has been placed.

This model tends to concentrate on recruiting candidates that are actively looking for their next jobs. With a focus on delivering qualified candidates, mostly staffing and mid-level searches with annual compensation of less than $300-thousand. Our fee in this model can range between 12% and 24% of of the first-year base salary of the candidate placed.

Flat fee pricing model

Our third option is the flat-fee pricing model. This  model is opportune if the compensation range is large so a wide scope of potential candidates have to be contacted.

Average Search Fee: depending on the amount of potential hires and complexity of the job fees can range between $8.000 and $50.000 per succesful search.

Pride is proud to be a boutique firm

Pride, although truly multinational, prouds itself in being a boutique firm with low overhead while offering concierge-quality service to their client.

Industry publications report that, in recent years, the pendulum has swung to the smaller retained search firms.

Pride offers a high quality service at the most cost-effective rate in the industry.
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